The Judgement Of Allah - [Keynote Address]

by Calvin 3X, 9 months ago
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Student Minister Rodney Muhammad - Allah Is Judging Today

Message To The Black Man
Chapter 16 - Message To The Black Man - Allah Is Judging Today

Today is the day in which the God of Justice (Allah) is judging between man and man and nation and nation.

To understand the present, we must learn of the past.

We are 4,000 years from Moses and Moses was 2,000 years after the creation of the Caucasian race, or 2,000 years after the fathers of the Caucasian, or white race of Europe.

This makes 6,000 years from the time of the birth or grafting of the Caucasian race.

In 4,000 years of the white man's rule they have practiced and exercised their power and authority over us as was divinely given to them.